September 20, 2020 Three Projects, One Day

September 20, 2020
Three Projects, One Day
By Joseph Weinzettle

When my schedule and the weather line up, I’ll work on three to four plein-air projects in a day. The work may be in different media, and at different stages of completion.

This week, I worked on one ink wash drawing in early AM, a ink wash drawing in early evening and one oil panel painting at twilight.

Ink wash in progress_AM_Sept. 16, 2020
Sabal palm habitat_ Anclote River Basin_Early Evening_Ink wash on gesso prepared paper_September 16, 2020
Oil in progress Nightfall_September 16, 2020

Keeping sessions fairly short (an hour or less for consistency in light) allows me to fit in multiple projects in a day, and make it to multiple site locations. It happens that the first two images are both on site en plein air in the Anclote River Basin. The third image is on site near Tarpon Springs and U.S. 19.

The first drawing is on its second day of work. The middle image, is completed, at least in its ink drawing phase. I might add additional media. The third is near completion, and is the middle panel of a triptych composition.

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