September 13, 2020 En Plein Air and Studio

September 13, 2020
En plein air and studio
By Joseph Weinzettle

For a plein-air painting or drawing most work takes place on location. However, some steps, such as adding an intermediary layer, is conducted in a studio setting.

This drawing of a swamp in the East Lake-Brooker Creek area was made on site in silverpoint with some touches of natural red chalk.

The silverpoint will be the underdrawing for a painting. I applied a layer of “Ultramarine Pink”, thinned in turpentine, as an imprimatura – meaning “first paint layer. This will serve as a warm, and hopefully complementary undertone to the cool local colors I will later paint in.

Silverpoint and natural red chalk underdrawing_September 4 2020
Imprimatura in progress_oil over silverpoint underdrawing_Sept 4 2020
Imprimatura in studio_Sept 4 2020

After the imprimatura had a few days to dry, I took the panel back out to the cypress swamp. I started on the sky and ground layer in the foreground. I’ll let this dry a few more days, before developing the tones of the trees in the midground and background.

Oil over the imprimatura layer_Sept 10 2020

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