If it’s meant to be…right?

Let’s just say the past 3 months have been very difficult. I’m currently working on producing a project that I don’t own the rights to. Therefore, one of the things I have to deal with is pitching it to the people it involves and getting them to agree to it.  I’m not sure what made me think this was going to be an easy task to do, but man was I sadly mistaken.

These roadblocks made me realize that just because I’m passionate about something doesn’t mean other people are. I actually don’t fault others for that at all, but it does make my job harder. I’ve always been the one to move on when there are too many challenges. I’m not entirely sure, if that’s the right thing to do, but it does give me a peace of mind in the end. Especially as a person who is already juggling a million things as a multihyphenate creator.

I just don’t have space or the time to sit around doing nothing while I wait on a yes or a no. Therefore, I find it easier to control what I can control. And until I get the green light for that particular project, I have to move on to something that I do have a little more control over. For example, there’s a pilot tv show I’ve been writing and once I complete that, it’ll be easier to produce since it’s my intellectual property. With that being said, BOTS will definitely be producing a project this fall no matter what. At some point, when I do have enough notoriety and a big enough team, I’ll gain support just by mentioning my name. I honestly have such a long way to go, so those moments are just reminders that I have time.

It may not happen today, but it will happen someday! And who knows, maybe those folks will come around sooner than I think.

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