The Side Job

Whoop Whoop! The kids are officially back in school! And don’t you worry, because they have me 🙂 The best substitute ever!

It’s my 2nd year subbing and I really love it! I’ve always loved kids and valued school as a child. These are the moments that help define who we’ll be and what we’ll want to do when we grow up. Therefore, having a hand in that early stage of a student’s life is something I hold dear. It’s bigger than teaching coursework. For me, it’s providing a safe space and understanding those students who struggle even outside of school. Whether it is issues they’re having at home, insecurities, learning disabilities, bullying and so much more that teens deal with, I’m there.

When I think about all of the jobs that turned me down, or the ones I hesitated to take on, always thank God that it didn’t go through. I remember being in a space where I wanted to transition into the film/tv industry, but I also desperately needed to get a job. Well not really desperate, but it felt like it. There were people around who tried to pressure me into picking up any job, because I needed to be making money. Anyway, long story short, that waiting period allowed me to tap into my purpose and pushed me to want to be of service in all aspects of my life. If I picked up those corporate jobs back then, I wouldn’t have found my passion in filmmaking. Or I wouldn’t have found “the side job” that was flexible enough for me to actually run my company and be a creator. Substitute teaching works for me in so many ways. The pay isn’t the best (if we’re being real) but it’s definitely enough for a side job. And more than enough for its life rewards!

SN: One day I hope to teach a course about film/tv with a focus on Black Cinema 🙂

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