I have a problem, and I’m ready to talk about it.

Okay, so I’ve never told this to anyone.

Please don’t judge me.

I, Tamia Iman Kennedy, am addicted to romance novels. There, I said it!

At first, it started small. I’d read a book from time to time, or every few months, but like now I can’t stop reading them. I’ve already read about 20 novels this year and there’s still so many months left. I’m afraid that I’ll end up reading 20 more.

Jasmine Guillory’s book series, currently has my undivided attention. The release order is The Wedding DateThe ProposalThe Wedding PartyRoyal HolidayParty of TwoWhile We Were Dating. The best part about these books is that they are all connected, and we get to read about other characters that made cameos. Another great thing is that even though they mention familiar characters, the books are able to stand alone. For example, I started reading the last book, While We Were Dating, first and then I read the first book, “The Wedding Date” second. It wasn’t confusing at all. Yeah, I may have noticed that the couple that was married in book 6, was the same couple that were complete strangers in book 1. But ehhh. Some may argue that reading a series out of order can be a spoiler, but don’t all rom coms end the same way? Boy meets girl, they fall in love, trouble happens, then they fix it and live happily ever after? I thought so too.

With all that being said, it finally dawned on me. Since I love romance novels so much, I should probably write one myself. I mean, I sort of do that with scriptwriting anyway. Becoming a book author, may not be a bad idea. Right?

Well, I sure hope not, because I’m currently writing one. And it’s so amazingggg. What can’t I do?

SN: Shoutout to Charlene Harrison for complimenting my storytelling in my blog post. She def gave me a push to put more of my writing out there and try new things 🙂

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