Exploring Largo’s New Free Children’s Garden

Continuing Our Family Arts Scavenger Hunt

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Only two days of ART’N Month Scavenger Hunt remain. We are no longer top of the leaderboard, but my little ones and I did manage to get a few more points to our final score by visiting the newly opened Majeed Discovery Garden at the Florida Botanical Gardens in Largo – and all I have to say is ‘what a treat!’

The Ti Gate entrance to the Majeed Discovery Garden, echoing the shape of a tropical Ti Plant

The garden is free, and designed to be accessible. We entered through the Ti Gate entryway and my two older kids were already bee-lining it to the Pollinator Landing Station to climb on top of the structure with its interlocking hexagons, so I took Thomas, my three year old, to explore the Trunk Jump Trail.

The Trunk Jump!

Thomas was busily exercising his gross motor skills by balancing on stumps before his bigger sister hopped in on the fun. Meanwhile William was exploring the Water Pump as Maddie ran over to clamber along the Bamboo Bridge.

To be honest I had a hard time keeping up with them but felt safe enough to let the two older ones explore the different areas keeping them within eyeshot.

The Outdoor Classroom

We had a little picnic, then had some time reading books in the outdoor classroom.

Exploring the Imagination Blocks

We all went together to the Imagination Blocks area. William and Madeline corralled the support of some friends to try to build a house then a vehicle, while Thomas enjoyed building a ramp for a few balls.

By the end of the session William was building weapons to fight the ‘aliens’ which was me running around in circles making blooping noises with large pool noodles flopping above my head. Any photographic evidence of this alien encounter has unfortunately been erased. . .

In the Music Forest

Our fun and eventful day ended with a jam session in the Music Forest.

Enjoying the Music Forest
Playing drums in the Music Forest

I have always enjoyed our trips to the Florida Botanical Gardens, especially this time of the year with the Holiday Lights show – and it’s where the Creative Pinellas Gallery is located – but now there is even more reason to visit.

I encourage anyone with kids to connect their children with nature and discover all that the Majeed Discovery Garden has to offer.



Florida Botanical Gardens
Open Daily 7 am-5 pm
Closed Christmas Day & the day after Thanksgiving

Two entrances
12520 Ulmerton Road, Largo FL 33774
12211 Walsingham Road, Largo FL 33778



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