Harriet Monzon-Aguirre

Harriet Monzon-Aguirre is an oil painter and aspiring surface pattern designer creating out of Bahia Studios in Safety Harbor. She spent her early childhood and formative years on the Caribbean island of Barbados. Harriet earned scholarships to study an International Baccalaureate at the United World College (UWC-USA) in New Mexico and then a Bachelor’s degree at Earlham College, Indiana, before completing her Master of Fine Art from University of Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK in 2011. Her international background and education has greatly influenced her artistic practice and left a colorful imprint.

Harriet eventually found her way to Tampa Bay. She has been a resident of Safety Harbor for the past 8 years. During this time Harriet set aside her artistic practice and put attention on family. Now she is building her portfolio, and connecting with her surroundings by painting oil reflections of the Florida bayscapes and seascapes. She is currently a member of the Dunedin Fine Art Center and the Professional Association of Visual Artists. When she is not painting in her studio, Harriet explores galleries and exhibitions with her three young children and writes about the experiences for her blog and Arts Coast Magazine.


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