Inspiration Behind the Drawing “Override”

In this drawing, I am working with elements often found in Dutch Golden Age paintings that not only symbolize the transience of human existence but also serve as poignant reminders of the motivations behind our relentless attempts to control nature. The tulips, shell and orange peel become metaphors for the broader narrative of human ambition and its consequences.

The symbolism of these elements extends beyond aesthetic choices, resonating with the capitalist undertones of our attempts to dominate the natural world. The shells, once rare and associated with wealth, now mirror the capitalist pursuit of profit, often at the expense of ecological balance. 

The tulips, traditionally symbols of irresponsibility and naivety, now take on new meaning in the context of environmental exploitation. The quest for profits often involves exploiting natural resources without considering the long-term consequences. The tulips, with their symbolic weight, illustrate the shortsightedness and foolishness of prioritizing immediate gains over the sustainability of the planet.

Oranges, imported for economic prowess, exemplify the globalized capitalist system. While showcasing economic power and reach, I used an empty peel to represent the massive losses in the natural world due to ecological disruption caused by unfettered capitalism. The relentless pursuit of efficiency and industrialization, fueled by capitalist motives, often leads to ecological imbalances, disrupting the delicate harmony of the natural world.

The more we strive to control and manipulate nature for capitalist gains, the more we upset the delicate balance of ecosystems. The consequences manifest in ecological challenges that work against our own comforts and conveniences. It becomes a cycle where the very systems designed for human prosperity end up becoming agents of discomfort and ecological imbalance.

In this way, my drawing offers a visual critique of the inherent contradictions in our relationship with nature, urging viewers to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the imperative to find sustainable, harmonious ways to coexist with the planet.

This drawing is currently on view at the Art Center of Sarasota until January 13, 2024.

Override, Graphite on paper, 40″ x 30″

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