Dance, Music, Visual Art Collaboration at Creative Pinellas

May 17, 2021

Dance, Music, Visual Art Collaboration
at Creative Pinellas

May 28 at 7 pm and May 29 at 5 pm
The Gallery at Creative Pinellas
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Rachel Lambright dances within the Mickett-Stackhouse “Expanding Waters” installation – photo by Tom Kramer

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The current Mickett-Stackhouse Studios visual art exhibit in the Creative Pinellas Gallery was designed to host performances. Choreographer Paula Kramer collaborated with three other dancers-choreographers and a composer, to create a 25-minute performance called Breathe

Pianist and composer John O’Leary at work on the original score for Breathe

Paula Kramer explains, “The dance is a collaborative work by choreographers Helen French, Sea Lee, Rachel Lambright and myself. Pianist and composer John C. O’Leary III created an original score.

“The performance is inspired by Expanding Waters, a floor to ceiling, gallery-size installation that draws spectators into the beauty of our environment and encourages our active and ongoing participation in its protection. 

“Within my choreography and design, dancers French, Lee and Lambright have created stunning solos that reflect the Moon, the Earth, fire, ever-changing water patterns – and the dangerous and constant warming of our native waters.”

Helen Hansen French is this year’s Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Laureate, the first performing artist to serve in that role,” Kramer explains. “How fitting that her first appearance is a handover from last year’s laureates, Carol Mickett and Robert Stackhouse.

“Sea and Rachel are members of the Sarasota Contemporary Dance company and also teach and choreograph at many dance venues in the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas.”
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Find out More about the Expanding Waters exhibit here
on display at the Creative Pinellas Gallery through June 12

Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Laureate Helen Hansen French evokes the Moon in the Expanding Waters installation
Rachel Lambright and Helen Hansen French rehearsing with Paula Kramer


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