Dry Point Etching on Plexi-Glass

Dry Point Etching on Plexi-Glass

While i’m in the process of wrapping up the carving portion of large scale wood blocks, i’ve been working on a separate series of small format portraits of threatened and endangered species of Florida. I’m producing these via the dry-point etching on plexi-glass method.Typically I use the intaglio process for images that require more detail but I wanted to try a new method, especially a more economical method that doesn’t require dips in ferric acid. This is the first time i’ve used this method so I had to do plenty of research and experiment with the process. Needless to say, it’s been a refreshing change of pace and i’m looking forward to pulling proofs of what I have etched so far. Below are images that illustrate my process, minus pulling the print. 

To the right is the final drawing I used as a key image to place under the acrylic and etch on top. To the left is a reference photo I used to accurately render proportions and patterns of the Florida short-tailed snake.

An in process capture of etching the acrylic with an etching tool. Typically I use this same tool while etching a copper plate during the intaglio process. The drawing to the left is under the plexi during carving, but I momentarily moved it to the side so that I could see the etched lines more clearly.

The finished etching of the short-tailed snake. Next step is to the pull a print from this and decide if more lines need to be added.


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