Non Binary Parenting

By Takeya Trayer Non Binary Parenting Psychological Evaluation of a Visual   This is the cover image from my book My Mommy is My Daddy, published this year. It is… Read More

Cultural Translation

By Yuly Restrepo Cultural Translation   I was talking about my novel with my mentor, Roxanne Fay, and she asked me a very interesting question – if the opportunity presented… Read More

First Day Of School

By Nick Davis First Day of School   Going from “unemployed” to a full-time artist was never easy.  It all started one Sunday at church when I was asked to… Read More

How Theater Helped Me Come Out

By Tatiana Baccari How Theater Helped Me Come Out . . . I started watching Season 2 of Dead to Me (my guilty pleasure) and am completely taken with a… Read More

You Good?

By Sara Ries Dziekonski You Good?   Hi Friends! I’m excited to tell you about an awesome project that I was recently involved in – and one that is very… Read More

An Art Affair

By John Gascot An Art Affair . . . Sometimes I get to my studio ready to create only to find out that my brushes won’t work that day. There’s… Read More

Why the Theater is No Fun

By Tatiana Baccari Why the Theater is No Fun . . . The past couple of weeks I’ve been delving deep into the business side of the arts. I’ve been… Read More

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