Words – Songs of Comfort

By Emily Lee Stehle Originally published February 2021 . . . Words have always been important to me. I went into journalism because I realized that my mom, born in… Read More

Creating Amidst Controversy

By Kayte and Adam Bush Creating Amidst Controversy . . . For ages, artists from Manet to Warhol have been creating works of art that were considered controversial – during… Read More

A Little Musical Inspiration

By Ketsy Ruiz A Little Musical Inspiration . . . Listening to music while I paint – even while I brainstorm about painting – is the only way I function…. Read More

All that Glitters…

By Heather Rippert All that Glitters… . . . There is a lot to be grateful for during the holiday season. Meanwhile, sleep deprivation coupled with a rigorous schedule, can… Read More

Behind the Scene

By Teresa Mandala Behind the Scene . . . I get asked a lot about what I use to make my sgraffito work. Here, I’ll go over the materials and… Read More

Journey of an Artist

By Rachel Ratcliff Journey of an Artist . . . I’m often asked how long I’ve been doing art. The truth is I’ve been making art since I could hold… Read More

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