Judging Other People’s Writing

Judging Other People’s Writing By Yuly Restrepo . . . On a few occasions, I’ve had the opportunity to act as a judge for other people’s writing. One of them… Read More

Some of my work. . .

Some of my work. . . By David Manson . . . This is an energetic orchestral fanfare that I composed on a flight to San Francisco. The thematic material… Read More

On Writing and Failure

On Writing and Failure By Chelsea Catherine . . . I found out that a book I had been working on for two years was not going to be published…. Read More

Cosmos Collector

By Kenny Jensen Cosmos Collector   What is a Cosmos Collector? “Cosmos Collector” is one of the names or descriptions I came up with years ago to help me better… Read More

Is Everyone An Artist?

By Mason Gehring Is Everyone An Artist? . . . This is a common statement among creative individuals, parents, etc. As an arts in health professional it’s my job to… Read More

Seeing Something New

By Nikki Devereux Seeing Something New . . . I embarked on a new project that I’m very excited about, and which demonstrates how much growth I’ve experienced over the… Read More

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