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Creating Gourd-geous Art

By Robyn Crosa and Christina Marko. An NEA/Pinellas Recovers grant update. Visual artist Robyn Crosa has a solo exhibition, Gourdgeous Goddess Gals, on display at the Largo Public Library. Robyn first became enchanted by gourds when she was in a small town country store in Georgia. “When I looked at the basket of gourds, it looked like my mother and my sisters and I sitting together… Read More

Community Healing Through Visual Art

By Dwaine Watts. An art community is a place where people of all ethnicity, gender, ideology can express their artistic talents freely without repercussions. It is a place that provides a platform for freedom of expression in any art form. It inspires and nurtures the growth of one’s talents. I began drawing in my early years growing up because I wanted to. I never thought of it as my true calling in life. … Read More

Art Therapy in Tarpon Springs

By Robin Saenger. Peace4Tarpon is a community initiative that began in 2010 making Tarpon Springs the first trauma-informed community in the nation. One healing method we wholly embrace is Art Therapy and several of our community partners offer this healing opportunity in their practices…. Read More

Performing Arts in Paint

Creative Clay’s member artists showcase work inspired by a wide range of performing arts at the Mahaffey Theater, when the Bill Edwards Foundation for the Arts hosts their Inaugural Community Art Exhibit. On June 16 from 5:30-7:30 pm the Mahaffey hosts a public reception with a live acoustic set by Nate Najar and Daniela Soledad. Artwork is available for sale…. Read More

Inspired By Chihuly

The Morean Arts Center wanted to see what glass artist Dale Chihuly’s impact is on artists who work in other mediums. They selected 10 area muralists, painters, installation artists, ceramicists and more – and asked each to select a piece from the Chihuly Collection they admire, and create a work of art ‘inspired by’ that particular piece…. Read More

Beautiful Grief

By Kayte Bush. I approached the Gallery at Creative Pinellas anxious to see the exhibit featuring artwork and memories from loved ones who have passed away. After the last two years of heartbreak and loss, my expectations were heavy. I was very surprised that I didn’t leave with a tear-stained face but instead, a soft gentle nudge towards healing. I felt as though I had gotten to know these beloved artists, their family members and friends…. Read More

Creating the Flame of Hope

By Don Gialanella. A lifelong love of sport and fascination with the Olympics motivated me to enter the competition to design the Special Olympic cauldron. I hoped to contribute in some way to the success of the games and be a part of an event that’s so universal and beloved. For inspiration I looked to nature and the magic of color and movement. I wanted to come up with a design that would express the physical action, positive spirit and passion of the athletes. The subject in my mind was the metamorphosis of athletes into symbols of eternal grace…. Read More

Creative Clay’s Spring for the Arts

By Cindy Stovall. “What we’re doing is creating a space that’s accessible for people with developmental or other disabilities to express themselves through an exploration of the arts,” Creative Clay CEO Kim Dohrman says. “And the art that our member artists create is valued and embraced by this wonderful St. Petersburg community. When someone attends Spring for the Arts, they actually get to see our mission in action.”… Read More

Creating ‘Rise’

Last year, master sculptor Mark Aeling and St. Petersburg Poet Laureate Helen Pruitt Wallace collaborated on a powerful project in the Warehouse Arts District that remembers 9/11, and how to begin again. On this Memorial Day weekend, Mark and Helen share their thoughts, and all the work behind Rise…. Read More

Designing the New

By Margo Hammond. When I say Charles Rennie Mackintosh, what comes to mind? High-backed chairs? Yes, there are plenty of them included in Designing the New: Charles Rennie Mackintosh and the Glasgow Style, the special exhibit at the Museum of American Arts and Craft Movement in St. Pete. But those stark, giraffesque chairs are only a fraction of the unique creations by the Scottish designer… Read More

The Irresistible URGE to Create

By Emily Stehle. Go to the Tampa Museum of Art – this weekend! – for the experience of seeing work by a group of talented and inspired artists from Western and Central Florida you’ve never heard of – or seen before. Your experience will be eye-opening, exhilarating, soul-searching. . . and perhaps, a little sad. The Florida Outsider Art Collection celebrates artists who create – to create. They don’t have traditional art training. But to them, “. . . making art was as essential as breathing”… Read More

Women’s Work

By Tom Winchester. Women’s Work: A Survey of Female Photographers, emphasizes the early contributions of women in photography. The exhibition includes artworks created by many of photography’s most notable women, as well as several whom viewers will be meeting for the first time. The exhibition reveals that men weren’t the only pioneers of photography, and that women were creating photographic imagery that was meant to be understood as art from the earliest days…. Read More

A Look at Harriet Monzon-Aguirre

By Laura Kepner. Harriet Monzon-Aguirre opens the front door to her Safety Harbor home. “Come in,” she says. Her smile is authentic. Her kitchen offers the welcoming aroma of freshly-brewed coffee. “It’s not a big space,” she says, handing me a full cup. She carries her two-year-old son Thomas as she walks toward a brightly-lit back room — the Florida room. “But the sunlight – it’s perfect for painting.”… Read More

Answering Questions in Quilts

By Emily Stehle. This show at Florida CraftArt, a project of SAQA’s (Studio Art Quilt Associates Inc.) Florida region, offers a unique perspective of the creation of artwork. The assumption is that every work begins with a question. And every art quilt by the 29 artists in this exhibit examines and explains their answer to this question…. Read More

Fearless Abstract

By Gabrielle Reeder. Dane Capo and his mother Krista taught and curated an art class titled “Fearless Abstract” at Indian Rocks’ Beach Art Center, on painting without the feeling so common to artists – fear. “We came up with the idea out of Autism Awareness Month,” Krista says. “Everybody asks about how he chooses his colors and how he comes up with these weird mixtures and things. I blame it on the Autism because he doesn’t have any fear about choosing a color.”… Read More

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