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The Gifts of the Grant

By Pamela J. Trow. Thank you for the gifts the NEA/Pinellas Recovers Grant bestowed on me. It was a gift to be a footbridge for an issue of great importance to so many of us. The children who attended the workshops provided a special gift – the gift of hope for our future…. Read More

Celebrating Women in Art History

Creative Clay’s Women in Art History exhibit celebrating Women’s History Month, features the women artists of Creative Clay. “The intention of this exhibit is to honor and elevate the women artists of our time – as well as the women artists of the past – who have often been under-recognized and marginalized”… Read More

Art in The ‘Wood

By Luci Westphal. Every year on the 3rd weekend in March, artists of the Historic Kenwood Neighborhood of St. Petersburg invite the public to stroll along the leafy streets and visit studios and art exhibits in homes and backyards. The tour is self-guided, free, and everyone is invited…. Read More

Life in Quilts

By Emily Lee Stehle. Lauren Austin is a fiber storytelling artist who has established herself over 30 years with large-scale figurative quilts that draw you into her world. She is African American and her stories are based on fact, memory, cultural history and whimsical fantasy. The universal messages in her art appeal to every one of us fortunate to find themselves in front of Austin’s work…. Read More

Contemporary Art Explorations in Miami

By Tony Wong Palms. I was recently in Miami and while there, took the opportunity to see what art there was to see. The wide-ranging collection of the Miami-Dade Public Library and the global view of the Pérez Art Museum … Read More

The Other Side of Dance

By Robin O’Dell. Dance photography is a difficult and dynamic practice requiring precise timing, knowledge of the medium – and the ability and willingness to collaborate with performers. One of the greats, who also just happened to live in St. Petersburg, was the late Thomas Kramer (1934-2022). … Read More

Get Inspired at the MFA

By Jennifer Ring. Feeling uninspired? Consider visiting the Museum of Fine Arts. That’s what I did when the MFA hosted Maira Kalman in Conversation with Bob Morris – launching an exciting slate of programming designed to make you think, feel and discuss. And if Kalman and Morris’s conversation is any indication of what’s to come, it’s going to be awesome…. Read More

True Nature

By Emily Lee Stehle. This remarkable exhibit at the MFA showcases Auguste Rodin’s best-known sculptures alongside other Impressionist masterworks from artists of his time. Drawn from the permanent collection of the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the show offers a comprehensive look at Rodin’s influential and revolutionary life as an artist…. Read More

The Art of Dreaming

By Tony Wong Palms. It is fitting that the Dalí Museum is hosting a dream exhibition as the Surrealists bring forth dreamscapes of the unconscious. The works, spanning the 16th to the 20th centuries of Western art history, bring together the public and the private, exploring a bit more of who or what we are through the intimacy of dreams…. Read More

Fame and Legacy in Modern Art

By Margo Hammond. Edward Hopper’s name is instantly recognizable while Guy Pène du Bois is virtually unknown. Why do some artists stand the test of time while others fall into obscurity? The Polk Museum of Art tries to answer that question in its current exhibit of works by these two lifelong friends who came to fame together in the 1920s – and have never been exhibited together before. … Read More

It’s Always We

By Jennifer Ring. What do we become when we work together? That’s the question at the heart of Saudade Toxosi’s SOONOQO: We become body in waves of light and sound at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. It’s also at the heart of Toxosi’s curatorial practice in general…. Read More

The Rich History of Poor People’s Art

By Tony Wong Palms. This exhibition is like a cherry bomb – a bit larger than its eponymous fruit with unexpected large explosiveness, causing safety concerns and ultimately banned in 1966. … Read More

The Art of Gardens

In the upside-down world of Florida’s climate, winter is the time to be outside – and celebrate the art of gardening. We asked a range of artists to share a favorite place or plant or natural moment – and as ever, received a beautiful bloom of responses…. Read More

Cutting-Edge Environmental Film Festival

By Robbyn Hopewell. The Visions of Nature/Voices of Nature film festival is free and open to the public at Eckerd College – with films from around the world grappling with our relationship to the planet through cinematic-storytelling. All include community discussions … Read More

Memories of Italy

By Robin O’Dell. If you haven’t been lately to the Tampa Museum of Art lately, it is worth a visit – especially if you have an interest in Italy, ancient art, or photography in general. Most of these photographs have never been shown at the TMA, and may not be after this exhibition for a long, long time…. Read More

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