Yuki Jackson | Poetry


There is one of she
and up to 2 billion sperm
in a single ejaculation

this is the meaning
of Shakyamuni, Many Treasures
and the Buddhas of the ten directions

The church next door
has marquees,
and one that says
to find what you want, try kneeling

 and I think about the time
I sucked the dick of God
And why does it make people so angry
to think he was married
does it anger them to know
in some moments
he was happy

the universe
was birthed from our love
and each one of you
is our child

he told me
I am every living piece
of creation
that God has ever made in this world

and isn’t it just like a man
to want to impress a woman
and isn’t it like a man
to want to possess her

I am life itself
and God fell in love
this is why we will always be one,
he wants to be inside
and keeps trying

Like the American Dad song,
The time inside her
was the best damn 9 months of my life!

And from him trying to go back to the source
we found the key to life,
isn’t this the eternal quest of religion —
where we come from and why

doesn’t it make sense
that the man most known
seeking the answers to these questions
would be Buddha and Jesus?

Can you imagine the sex
that leads to evolution?
Eve now speaks
on the eve of destruction,
in Jesus name we pray,
but all he sought was universal essence
Nichiren said a woman’s mind
is harder to capture than the wind

He is Law and I am Mystic

We were at a museum once
and I said humans always want to know
where they come from,
that’s why we have museums
I once said sex
is like the oneness
of mentor and disciple relationship

We’re the base
of the new branch

Our species grows
as we advance
little deaths in French
is an orgasm

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