Who’s Who: Introducing my Actor

Meet Lance Felton

Lance Felton is excited to be completing his first year of working as a professional actor and artist. He most recently performed as Dasher in WHEN THE RIGHTEOUS TRIUMPH at Stageworks and Kitch in PASSOVER at Studio 620. He is passionate about the arts, focusing on creating more spaces for children and artists of color like him that didn’t grow up seeing working in the arts as accessible.

I first met Lance, after a performance of PASSOVER, directed by my sister and friend, Erica Sutherlin. I enjoyed not only his vulnerability onstage, but the joy and wonder he brought to Kitch. It was a no brainer when I was looking for someone a staged reading of 50:13 by playwright Mansa Ra. We worked well together and Lance took my directly easily, as we navigated through this piece exploring black men and legacy.

When I approached Lance about 61 UNUSED PAGES, we had several discussions about both of our parallels to the text and I encouraged him to bring his whole self to the project. There is a common phrase in the writing world “Write what you know” and here Lance and I both were, “Creating what we knew”. While Morgan’s story is inspired by Vincent Terrell Durham’s (playwright) journey navigating his own relationship with his father, Lance and I both leaned in and allowed our stories to merge with Morgan’s fictional one, as we crafted the piece. I am excited for the audience to experience Lance’s unique style of storytelling.

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