The Seven Basic Plots: A Video

Teaching creative writing is one of my favorite things to do. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of confusion of what a story is and how it actually needs to be structured. Afterall, before you even begin writing, you need to ask yourself if you even have a story. Half of the people I meet freeze up when I ask them the dreaded questions about their novel: “What is it about?” 

How can we answer that question before even putting the pen to the page? It’s easy! Try and make sense of which of the seven plots your story belongs to before even starting. This helps get organized, and more importantly, helps make sure you have a story and something worth pouring hours, days, weeks, and potentially even years into..

One of my goals this year is to try and make fun, educational videos that are easily digestible for everyone. Below, you will find my second educational video I’ve made for this grant!

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