Welcome to YOUR Arts Coast Cultural Plan

The cultural landscape of Pinellas County has changed dramatically in the eighteen years since the last Pinellas Cultural plan. Today, the creative industry represents $2.2 billion in economic impact and, as an arts and cultural/tourist destination, the county welcomes over 15 million visitors annually.


This growth has been fueled by you: the art makers, cultural institutions, visitors who travel from all over the world to enjoy our artistic community, residents and local supporters of the arts. You, and so many others, have all played a vital role in ensuring that our creative economy thrives.

As the County’s arts agency, Creative Pinellas is committed to uplifting the arts and ensuring that artists and supporters alike continue to flourish and can enjoy the arts experiences that make our community a top destination. Cultural Planning Group (CPG) has been chosen to lead the County’s first comprehensive cultural plan since 2005.

As we begin to assess the current needs – and future aspirations – of the creative class in Pinellas County, your voice is crucial to the process.

Through community forums, working groups, surveys, and listening sessions, we ask that residents and visitors alike bring their best selves, their ideas, their dreams, and their lived experiences to the project.

We will begin in early September to examine the current state of the arts in Pinellas County, while working over the next year to develop strategic initiatives designed specifically to positively impact our cultural institutions, residents, tourists, artists, and business community. Our plan will provide a cultural framework — including policies, programs, action steps for implementation and evaluate public funding and investment needs for sustainable, equitable and vibrant development of the arts and cultural sectors for the next five to ten years.

A hallmark of the Cultural Planning Group’s process, in the more than 85 arts-related master plans they have created, is community engagement. Working with Creative Pinellas, they will create a community advisory team, hold multiple countywide gatherings and interviews with artists and arts and community leaders throughout the county, survey the community at large and provide multiple touchpoints for everyone interested in the continued success of Pinellas County to be involved. We are excited to launch this all-encompassing strategic plan for future growth and engagement and invite you to be a voice for the arts. The first community meeting to begin the cultural planning conversation will be announced in the coming weeks.




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