ArtOUT 2023

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If you didn’t get a chance to view the vibrant ArtOUT visual art exhibit organized by the LGBTQ Resource Center at the Gulfport Library, we’re honored to publish the winning entries from this international juried show, with statements from the artists.

The theme of the show is Emergence. The jurors were glass artist Duncan McClellan from St. Pete’s Warehouse Arts District – and from Gulfport, ceramic artist Brenda McMahon and painter Ray Domingo.

“Last year’s ArtOUT theme was Queering the Pandemic, in recognition of the many different ways COVID impacted artists,” says ArtOUT’s lead organizer, Jana Steinhour. “This year’s multi-media visual arts show will feature works by LGBTQ artists and allies who are experiencing a different vibe as we emerge from the pandemic.”

“This is our sixth year for ArtOUT but only the second international, juried show,” explains LGBTQ Resource Center board president, Susan Gore. “Expanding Resource Center programs online was an unexpected gift of the COVID pandemic. Last year, ArtOUT attracted more than 70 works, and jurors accepted 54 works by 35 artists from 8 countries.”

The LGBTQ Resource Center of the Gulfport Library is the only collection of its kind in a public library in Florida, offering more than 10,000 books, CDs and other media, as well as events like ArtOUT. The Center’s mission is to promote awareness of the diversity of experiences, contributions and needs of people who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and/or queer. The Resource Center is a 501(c)3 and has been recognized with the Newlen-Symons Award for excellence in library services and outreach by the American Library Association and by the Institute for Museum and Library Services.

In honor of Pride month, this year’s winning pieces were on display at the James Museum of Western and Wildlife Art in downtown St. Pete during the entire month of June.


Best in ShowCedar Kindy for Calling in the Ancestors
Calling in the Ancestors by Cedar Kindy

“This painting illustrates the emergence of lesbian spirituality and culture. At festivals, a nation of womyn came together – womyn of all ages, color, shapes and sizes, gathered together to worship the Divine Feminine. We are standing on the shoulders of our ancestors, reaching beyond the patriarchal definition of our being.” – Cedar Kindy

Cedar Kindy also received a Judge’s Choice award for the painting Corn Womyn.


Judge’s Choice John Gascot for Mother’s Burden
Mother’s Burden by John Gascot

“Religious imagery served as inspiration, once again. Mary gazes upon a figure, too grown to protect within the safety of her arms. He is both Christ (all seeing) and a human living their most authentic self (all eyes on them).

“She wears the crown of thorns, symbolizing burden and pain inflicted by those who scorn her child. She lactates freely, symbolizing an uncontrollable instinct to nurture.

“The dove in her hand is a symbol of the peace she must find within to stand strong and unwavering in the face of circumstances beyond her control. The stitching represents healing.” – John Gascot


Judge’s Choice Steve Sanderson
for From Binary to Human
From Binary to Human by Steve Sanderson

Emergence could not fit this concept piece any better. It is the picture of the back of an individual that could be either male or female. The left hand is an outline done in black and white (a binary rendering, a weekday cartoon caricature that has no depth or color). Then as you move from the hand to the arm you begin to see some simple hash shading, then the black and white becomes a grey gradient.

“As it moves up the arm and onto the left side of the body color is introduced, but it is a polarized color and though shape and color are now present it is still lacking. The right side of the body and the right arm have more of a flesh tone – I chose for it to be neither too pink or dark brown, but a medium tone that is intended to represent all of mankind and individual personhood.

“Above the person arching from hand to hand is a rainbow that starts off almost invisible and then gains color as it moves toward the right hand of full human emergence.” – Steve Sanderson


Honorable MentionPerry DeVick
for Tide and Transformation
Tides and Transformation by Perry deVick

“This piece is portrait of a young woman who has emerged from the confines of assigned gender. Tides and gender expression are transitional – not only in or out but constantly flowing between two extremities, and changing the landscape as they do.

“This portrait places a young trans woman in a tidal landscape, a liminal space as the sun sets for the moon to emerge.” – Perry deVick


You can view all the featured works in ArtOUT 2023
on this page, and find out more about the artists.




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