Update: Hustle Hard

Update: Hustle Hard

A few weeks ago, I was kvetching about my irons in the fire. (yes, ‘kvetching’ –  I’m a strong proponent of proper diction). It only seems right then to provide an update before I go.

  • putting the finishing touches on a new novel years in the making and handling the release. In progress.
  • writing and recording compositions for a multimedia project. In progress
  • applying for a grant. Complete.
  • making peace with social media and marketing (it may just be a ceasefire). Back to the negotiating table. (Devising a strategy I’ll adhere to.)
  • writing. As you can imagine, in progress.
  • learning new programming languages for multimedia pieces. I can write programs now, currently pretty simple, but correct and executable. I now know phrases like “close to the metal” and can pass arguments.
  • creating (a) piece(s) for the Creative Pinellas show in September. Complete.
  • meeting about collaborations (perhaps more on this as it materializes). Complete, but mum is still the word. I’ll update at teneadjohnson.com once the dust settles and the ink is dry.
  • setting up an umbrella business for established and new ventures. 85% complete.
  • scouting for and finishing freelance editing/proofreading work. As ever, in progress.
  • wrestling with the age-old question: to day job or not to day job? I’m creating my own job. Designate as you see fit.

For a month’s worth of work, I’ll take it. Progress supercedes perfection.

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