Burning the Midnight Oil

The grant period is winding down, and for me that means the Exposition is fast approaching.  As part of the grant I am commissioned to write a five minute work to be performed in workshop.  This music is for chamber ensemble.

I have decided to write a trio for flute, oboe and piano.  The challenging part was finding musicians available and willing to perform a piece of new music on September 20.  Once I found my group, the writing was able to begin.

I have been working and focusing solely on my exhibition concert and other musical projects have temporarily been moved to the back burner.  I have made progress on the trio, but a lot of work still remains to be done before I can hand the music to the other musicians.  Each day I add little by little.  The growth of music is organic, yet one must step up when there is a deadline to be had.  My normal meticulous nature must now stand aside and let my perfectionism make way for speed.

I am confident in the final outcome of this presentation, which both the organizers and I have been looking forward to.  However, it is not there yet.  The time for procrastination is over.  That being said, let me return to the drawing board and I’ll let you know when I come up for air!

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