Within the veil of original darkness I share with you not only my light but I share the very ground our hands are being trusted to hold.

Trust passing was me taking a trip down memory lane to Grade school. I always enjoyed the pictures in the biology and science textbooks none more so than the breakdown of cells and the layers of the Earth.

I wanted to create a love story that explains the creation of my universe that my characters live in. One where the moon is the mother and the sun is the father with the Earth being the egg where the fetus resides (the womb).

In the piece it’s a diagram that shows how the planet came about. At a point in time the moon was covered in Highwinds and endless waters. Which she gifted to the egg/earth in the form of clouds and the ocean so that the seed of the sun (the core) would be protected during incubation.

The name trust passing Is alluding to the switch from day tonight On the planet In the trust that the moon and the sun share for the greater good of the child.

In the nighttime mother moon holds the earth and in the daytime father sun holds it.

Allowing it to never be too cold or too hot. Once the day comes when it is time for Delivery/deliverance the fetus Within the Earth will pass through the layers eventually breaking the crust. When it does The heat that the child holds will engulf the planet as the egg becomes absorbed into the newly born baby the beings on the planet that contributed to its highest good will be absorbed. And will pass to the next life with it as it grows. Those who did not take care of the planet while the baby was still within the core will be discarded and I left in the void of space. I thought it was an Interesting way of combining the imagination with revelations in the Bible describing the end times and child birth.

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