Imagine Nation

Imagination is the motherland of all knowledge and the precursor to all spirituality.

While creating for my ghetto gods showcase I came across the word imagination but instead of leaving it as it is I split it to create a visual of a land made of pure imagined nations. When I think of the psyche I envision a vast land on an empty earth waiting to be filled with ideas,structures, culture, and atmosphere.

The Imagination is the motherland of all knowledge from great minds such as Jean-Michel Basquiat to Ray Charles The usefulness  of the imagination is undeniable. there’s no doubt the most important aspect of an artist philosopher scientist and musician is the ability to inherently know the unseen world. For every genius that you meet that Intelligence was once dormant in the adolescent child disguised as a hyper imagination. As the child grows and learns the physics of this world the imagination kicks into high gear and assists that person in their journey. i’m pretty sure we’re all familiar with the saying seeing is believing but for me believing is seeing. Once I give myself the space to believe whatever I want on the canvas everything that I want to see will appear with hard work and diligence. It is very important that I don’t allow others that can’t do this to disrupt my ability to act out the things never before seen. I think to myself if I don’t do it no one else will because no one else can see what I see in the way that I do.

A while back when I first started my spiritual journey stepping away from organized religion I realized that the imagination and the spirit world are one in the same.

The belief in God the belief in the unseen system is all the product of what you believe in. What you believe is what you can imagine. Most recently I’ve been enjoying sleep a lot more than usual the restful feeling is amazing but the freedom to move around within the dream space is even more rewarding. Seeing that there is such a vast world on the other side of the Eyes and this body just solidifies my belief in the spirit world even more. With the spirit realm and the imagination being so closely related it is very easy to denounce someone else’s beliefs as nonfiction. But for me seeing how solidified my imagination can become tells me to respect other people‘s spiritual belief systems in an entirely new way. Exploring different deities has shown me that they all exist because we believed that they did calling on them is in a way opening up a flash drive of information.

Yeshua has a database of those who worship him Ogun Has his own database and so does the Buddha. I believe that humans have the bandwidth to create pocket dimensions with our praise. In turn being able to tap into realms respectfully if you know what you’re doing. This is not always the safest thing to do. Just because people worship these deities and energies does not mean that the people tapping into these spaces are inherently good and you could come out with something that you don’t want. But in some cases moving righteously you are granted the most beneficial wisdom one could ever imagine.

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