The power of silence

Often times my peers will Mistake my silence for me not caring but that could not be further from the truth. For my silence is me showing how much I do care by allowing time to bring me understanding.

The power of silence has helped me tremendously throughout the years. When I was younger I had a very short temper and would explode over the littlest of things.

Now I find myself being so reserved the others assume that I am shy. When in reality I am constantly listening,watching, and observing all of the people that I encounter.

I do this so that I can minimize my involvement while also maximizing the information that I acquire. Don’t get me wrong there are times when my voice is my greatest weapon and I definitely don’t hesitate to exercise that ability. But as I get older my tool belt grows even more vast as do my forms of communication.

Like I said before within my silence I award people who cross my boundaries with Grace because if I was to answer any sooner the situation would get out of hand very quickly. By me giving myself the time to be able to articulate what it is that made me feel a certain way I am able to accurately adjust my approach to the situation.

Silence is not the end all be all sometimes it may be the reason for a fall out.

Sometimes I find myself pondering on why someone did something a certain way and if I can’t come to a sound conclusion I will ultimately remove myself from the situation. It makes no sense to stay within a toxic void of misunderstanding. Once things are thrown into that category I see that Individual as someone who is not here for my highest good.

Yet again because of my silence I am able to grant forgiveness because the situation was ended when I stop talking. Making the existence of anything else after that purely abstract and made up. As you can imagine as an artist I get asked very insane questions on a continuous basis. Strengthening the mental fortitude to endure this is key.

Remember that you owe no one an explanation and never forget that no one owns a response.

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