Reedr of Hearts Bearer of Watts

Mystic Arts

When it comes to creation nature is always the first and last inspiration.

With this piece I was walking back to my studio from my family’s house. As I was walking down 22nd St. I came across a hibiscus bush at the corner of 15th Ave that had bright yellow orange and red flowers blooming on it. immediately I knew that it would be my next piece and some way or another. My shyness got the best of me and I was a little nervous about stopping and taking a photo of the bush but I knew the outcome would be worth it in the end. Once I got back to the studio I immediately began sketching to see what exactly I could make of it. The idea was to have the flower resting on the head and the character in a meditative prayer state.

I wanted to create this piece to capture a moment of triumph and spiritual awareness.

The title of the piece is me paying homage to my grandfather’s last name Reed and my grandmother’s last name Watts. While also using Reedr as reader and Watts as electric power. To be a reader of hearts is to be aware oh of the subtle details of a persons character. how the person speaks, the things they don’t say, how they carry themselves, and Eye contact. With these few things it is a fairly simple task revealing to oneself of other people’s intentions and motives. Bearer of watts is the ability and gift of being able to carry the power of the sun in the form of electricity. Also Granting the ability to illuminate your surroundings so that you can see the unseen that hides in the darkness.

This was a note that I wrote on the sketch of the piece.

“I died in a field yet I kept living.

I inhaled hell and continued breathing.

I passed through the veil with acceptance of the highest degree.

The Lord ignited my body as I fell to my knees.

I closed my eyes to sleep yet my mind continued walking.

March to the lake it called.

In these waters bathing it’s not only free but freeing.”

Somewhat of a very ominous message Indeed but one that is speaking of spiritual death.

I died in a field yet kept living.Is me explaining how the energy of consciousness doesn’t cease after death it just transfers to the closest force accepting energy at the time.

I inhaled hell and continued breathing. Speaks of inhaling smoke that caused the body damage.

I passed through the veil with acceptance of the highest degree. Is an explanation of meeting death bravely walking into it understanding that whatever you hold dear isn’t not something that you can take with you when it is time to leave this vessel. Although knowing this the feeling of letting go completely was nothing short of frightening ecstasy.

The Lord ignited my body as I fell to my knees. Is detailing how the Holy Spirit will drive the vessel to go beyond its physical abilities if the most high allows it. Somewhat of a near death experience.

I closed my eyes to sleep yet my mind continued walking. Here describes how it feels to lucid dream.As my body shut down my spirit does not pause it continues moving forward in the metaphysical world or dream state.

March to the lake it called in these waters Bathing is not only free but freeing. Is me explaining the voice of guidance of the most high Guiding me away from danger and into safety and cleansing.

Often times when I am creating and writing what I come up with will not be the final explanation for the piece but will be the explanation for an artwork not yet created surprisingly.

Realizing this tells me that this character is the messenger of my next vision/painting

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