The How and Why of It

All This Stuff I’m Carrying vs Things Waiting for a Weightless Me.

Never content with simply providing what’s requested; always on a mission to break it down to something that feels gut-true to me, risking being dismissed to travel out further, I have constantly pondered, wishfully wondered, and meditatively wandered maybe into an unknowable, totally unrecognizable joy…that waits in the dark.

In the last few years, I’ve dared to meditate and reach into that dark, and have returned with a gradual awareness of something that feels like an originating kernel of connective tissue that really joins us all.

In the film 2001, Kubrick imagined the monolith, a big black stone that woke the primates and brought them fire.

I imagine that big black stone, appearing so long ago, is like the solid form of sentience that carries the human soul…and erupted within our forebearers long long long long long ago…and I want to call that sentience, that soul, the shared thread of consciousness…the afroquantum.

I’ve loved the term Dark Matter and its hungry sister Dark Energy,

but I kind of feel they’re both a super overdetermined way of saying GOD. They also feel less terra (earth) bound than what I’m imagining this invisible force to be. I’m making it up, maybe, but I need it to be there because I need us all to be connected to something. And this is the something I’ve chosen.

The afroquantum. Or AfroQuantum. It doesn’t lose or gain however it’s written, I don’t think.  The Afroquantum. The afroQuantum. Hmmm. What looks best… I’m going to decide on one and stick to it.

Challenged with leaving some thoughts behind (crumbs, or jewels, who knows); I figure this is part of what moves me to create; this afroQuantum flows through and demands to be released in some conjured form and so I simply move as directed to.

Of course, no one can stay phucking around in the dark forever. We can play in it, around it; we really should listen to it, and ask it for direction.

Cause there’s so much out there in the dark that we can’t see. And I’m pretty sure a lot of it is light.

Stay tuned.

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