The Art of Balance

The Art of Balance


As I practice my art and the art of living, I find that I’m in a constant search for balance. The earth spins around in the middle of nowhere, our heart beats and body functions without our telling it to, yet somehow we still think we are in control. And often move ourselves into a state of imbalance with all of the pressures we place upon ourselves.

The other day, I moved one of my almost finished sculptures and a small piece broke off. A momentary panic and devastation struck until I gathered that it probably needed to come off anyway. I’m quickly reminded that I’m not in control and the more I surrender to this, the more I’m able to get back to a sense of peace. And that everything will be okay.

As I’ve been preparing for the upcoming exhibit I’ve been on a fast moving schedule to reach the end goal. But I want to be sure that with each milestone I reach, such as moving to the next level of sanding the marble, to celebrate that moment instead of waiting to celebrate once I’m finished. I believe the end result can only be as happy as the journey has been. So balance is the key for me.

By Christina Bertsos

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