Studio Visit Mid-May

Greetings from my studio! It’s been a little shy of two weeks since the opening night of The Emerging Artist Exhibition at Creative Pinnellas. I took a couple of days off and enjoyed sometime walking the beaches at Honeymoon Island and nearby parks around this paradise of a county before promptly returning to the studio.

In this video, I share the current state of my workspace. By reflecting on past work and continuing to resolve some of my current work, I give a panoramic of my process. I share some abandoned paintings, works in progress, and how I shift between two bodies of work.

I always enjoy working on paper to explore new ideas  while working non-objectively at times. I do notice, however, that I tend to have a compulsion to draw a horizontal line towards the bottom of these compositions. They tend to spin off of my initial mark making meanderings and turn into notations of the landscape. In particular, big sky and line – a symbol for water. Big sky with a sort of scribble language of vast worlds beyond the physical one that we all walk around in.

Untitled, Blue and Yellow Mixed Media on Paper K. Engel 2023

These works on paper give a glimpse into my process of refining these initial marks or splotches of color when I move from paper to canvas. I don’t consider the works on paper studies for larger works. They are separate entities. They tend to be reflective of what is underneath the layers of color that are more refined like the body of work that is currently hanging at Creative Pinellas. In the near future, I would like to leave some of these raw marks as I move to canvas. My desire to make my mark and leave the gesture more apparent is beginning to return as look back and study old sketchbooks and paintings I created in 2020. It is part of my process to reflect on older work that I created as I move forward in this unbound, art-making journey.

Chroma Shield K. Engel 2023 Acrylic on Canvas

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