Statistics Get Real

It’s no secret that I’m collecting 2,511 lucine shells to create an art installation at Creative Pinellas in May. But why 2,511? Yeah, um, that’s a secret. What I can tell you is that 2,511 represents a statistic involving water quality in the state of Florida. I’m using seashells to bring a statistic to life by creating a physical experience for you, the viewer. The installation can be viewed from all sides, and you’ll actually be able to walk in and through the number 2,511. As for the secret statistic, all will be revealed when the show opens.

Great news! Shell collecting has been a massive success, and I’m almost to my goal! This is the last week I’ll be featuring a collection countdown. The new focus going forward is getting all 2,511 shells painted. One countdown ends, and another begins.


My workspace is covered in paint, pearly glaze, and of course seashells. Organization is key when you’re making 193 shells in each of 13 colors across 2,511 objects. I use a spreadsheet to keep track of completed shells, and I’ve taken over my husband’s office with bins for each color. When it comes to a large scale installation, my OCD really comes in handy.

I have to admit, I’m a little sad to reach my collection goal. Obviously I’m thrilled to have all the shells I need for this installation (and with lots of time left for painting and building), but I love the shell hunt! Once I reach my collection goal for this project, I’ll jump right in to collecting for future installations. I’ve got two projects already in progress, and two more hanging out in my sketchbook. The hunt goes on!

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