Seeing the Creative Pinellas Gallery for the First Time

As always, starting a new project can be intimidating, especially when you are making work for a show. It is overwhelming to look at an empty canvas: so many ideas, but not even one is good enough.

The Famous Artist Block

I will be participating in the Creative Pinellas Emerging Artists Exhibition, which will take place in April 2022. As much as I love painting and making art, the creative process is quite interesting, confusing and stressful.

“What do I paint now?” “What do I want the viewer to perceive?” “Will this be good enough?” “Will these paintings be understood?” “What is my message?” “Do I even have a message?” “What painting style should I go for?” “Which medium should I use?” “Can I paint fast enough?”

These are just a couple of questions that I ask myself every time before I start a project. In the past I used to think it was a negative thing, now I embrace it, and I accept it as part of the creative process. There is nothing worse than having so many ideas, and not being able to decide where to start.

Checking Out the Creative Pinellas Gallery

Thankfully, on Saturday, February 5th, I had planned to meet with curator Beth Gelman, who has been incredibly helpful. When making work for a specific show with other artists, I believe it is so important to see the gallery space, whenever it is possible. Luckily, the Emerging Artist Exhibition will be in the Creative Pinellas Gallery, only a couple of miles from my home.

I loved walking around the Gallery and seeing the different spaces I could use to exhibit my work. The Creative Pinellas Gallery has very tall ceilings, which will require me to work bigger than what I previously envisioned in my head.

I loved and enjoyed how the curator discussed with me different options. I was able to explain to her a couple of ideas that I had, and she pointed out a few spots that could work with my project. In the gallery, it is possible to add walls where needed. I liked this concept as I would love to create a small, intimate space for my work within the gallery.

On the other hand, if I decide to make bigger pieces, I have the possibility of using a large wall in the middle of the gallery. I am truly enjoying this process with the Creative Pinellas team, as I feel supported and accompanied along this journey.

Seeing the space was fundamental for me to get things started. As soon as I got to my studio, I sat down, and I started to sketch and write down ideas, which were 80% more clean than usual!

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