Seeing Myself In the Art

In Tampa Bay between Pinellas and Hillsborough, I can count on one hand Black theater directors. There aren’t that many and I’ve worked or know all of them. As I grow in my career, it’s my goal to be amongst that number and continue to ensure there are opportunities for others to come along on the journey. 

In my personal professional development, I desire to not only grow as a director, but to eventually direct a variety of theatrical productions here in the area, and eventually utilize my connections with other organizations in the state and the southeast to work regionally. I look up to my friend and colleague, Erica Sutherlin who has combined her community impact and her artistry. It is one of my goals to do the same, interweaving my connections in the black, faith and queer communities to create artistry that will spark conversation and healing in all of these sectors. 

As an emerging artist, I feel that one of my next key milestones involve recorded impact, being noted as a director and artist amongst my peers who produces quality work and is well respected. Many people in the community know and respect me as a performer, and it is my hope and goal that receiving this grant and beginning this next journey in the area of director will allow me to shift my place in the community to a new vision.

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