Sarah Emery, dance artist – An introduction

(pc: Jeff Cravotta)

Hello : ) My name is Sarah Emery and I am a dance artist in St. Petersburg, FL. As a new member of the St. Petersburg community, I am thrilled and grateful to be a recipient of the 2022 Creative Pinellas Professional Artist Grant. If you’d like to learn about me, you can check out my bio on my blog homepage. Below is a little taste of what I’ve done in the past. Keep reading to learn about what’s coming up for me in the near future.

In a few weeks, I will be heading to Atlanta to set a contemporary dance piece for the Georgia Dance Theater’s company members. This work will be about 5 minutes in length. The director requested that I create a dance with a “wow” factor for the dancers. I am stepping outside of my comfort zone on this one, as I am usually more concentrated on the development of the piece and not necessarily the technical difficulty of the steps.  I only have 6 hours to set this work, which is a very short amount of time! However, I am up for the challenge and think it will be a great addition to my portfolio. I look forward to posting more about this work as it develops.

I have been accepted to present a work in the Moving Current Dance Collective’s annual concert, NewGrounds. In this concert, I will be choreographing and dancing a solo work that celebrates the artists and people of Ukraine. Utilizing wooden boxes to represent the architecture of Ukraine, the mural work of Ukrainian artist, Yuriy Pitchuk, will be projected onto the boxes. Here are a few of the works that will be a part of the show:

Yuriy Pitchuk
Mural Artist, Yuriy Pitchuk, Ukraine

Yuriy Pitchuk, Ukraine

Yuriy Pitchuk

I have been in communication with Yuriy, and as of now, all of his murals are still standing. He is an incredible artist and I am honored to bring his work to the stage in Florida. Like everyone else around the world, I am devastated about what is happening to the people of Ukraine and want to do something to help, connect or let them know that we stand with them. Yuriy told me that one way we can all help is to donate to the people of Ukraine here: I love this site because I know exactly where my donation is going!

If you’d like to see my new work in NewGrounds, it will be showing on May 7 @ 7:30 and May 8 @ 2:00 in the Mainstage Theater at Hillsborough Community College. More info here:

I have a few other projects in the pipeline but will save those for next time. Until then, I wish you many moments of creativity!

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