Music influence

One thing that is a must above all else and my creation process is music.

Music is the voice of each painting.

Since I was young my mom and my aunt have been music Finatticz my mom loves karaoke and sung continuously. She loves it so much that she even got her own system in two huge speakers to blast out the neighborhood.

Weeks when I would spend time with my aunt and my uncle Music will be playing while we’re cleaning up having get together and eating.

If there is ever a library from music my aunt had it she would always be mixing and making CDs when I would come over. My uncle has huge speakers in his truck that shakes the window panes as he drives through the neighborhood.

I’m pretty sure from birth music has been my second umbilical cord.

Some of my most favorite musicians and songs by them are

Louis Armstrong -La Vie En Rose

Brenton Wood – Me and You

The Righteous Brothers- Unchained Melody

Phil Collins – Take Me Home

Micheal Jackson- Will You Be There

Mick Jenkins- Healer

EarthGang – Artificial

Jacob Banks- By Design

When I listen to music it takes me into the realm of Emotion using the sounds to get the desired effect on the painting is one of the easiest ways of conveying feelings in a work of art. Something that I often have to look out for it though is when the playlist goes to music that isn’t in my liked section. Sometimes it is good to find new music but sometimes the frequency will throw you off tremendously. I am starting to become more cautious of the things that I allow myself to listen to because I use it as a influence and somewhat of a catalyst for the vision.

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