Power of Color

This year I have focused on color with more intention. Color has to be the most fluid thing I’ve ever known. For some the color red may be intense and hard but for others it invokes love and hope. Colors have a way of speaking to people at deeper levels that we can even comprehend. Such as blues often times give you the blues but imagine seeing a blue flower and how inviting it is. Color has so many meanings and in my art, I myself have been more intentional of my choice of color as it relates to the piece I’m creating. The duality of colors have always existed. Yellows are warm almost like hugs and green has a way of making anyone’s pockets happy, the point is color is pure. There aren’t any right or wrongs , no good colors or bad. No color means Justice and the other Injustice. No color is superior to the next. The golden sun does not eliminate the depths of the grey moon. The richness of color in black not deem the fairness of white invalid. Color can mean anything, they can mean, happiness , justice, love and encouragement. Every color is pure when your intentions are pure.

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