Old Dogs Learning New Tricks

Good Morning, All!

My name is Roxanne and I am writing today to try to get the hang of this newfangled blog thing.

I first watched the tutorial video and went back and forth between that site and this with no real success, so I reached out for help. Why did my published blog look nothing like the content I had put into the page? I began to panic a little, afraid of getting a bad grade on my assignment. As it turns out, I tend to write the way I think and the way I want my reader (or audience in the case of play scripts) to say the lines when read aloud.

For example, in my play, Thrice To Mine, the dialogue is written in a way that conveys the character’s pattern of thought:

And thus it was. I left the daughter of Fife to become the Lady of Moray.

I was fourteen.

And Gilcolman was old! And he was nearly my father’s age- a dull and ungraceful man.


Almost haunted.

So, you see, there is almost a verse or poetry type of structure to the piece. So, it was much to my dismay that Word Press did not seem to like the pattern in which I write. I was going to get a bad grade! No! But when I finally reached out and received some assistance- for which I am grateful- I feel ready to tackle this blog once again. What you are reading now is an edit of the original post and it is my fervent hope that it will look the way I intend it to look. If it does not, perhaps listen for that faint sound of screaming in the distance. I have never liked receiving a bad grade.

Should you have interest in reading the full version of Thrice To Mine, it is available on Amazon. I am fiercely proud of the piece and the reception it received in both New York and Florida. Perhaps you will find yourself speaking the words aloud and see for yourself how the structure colors your understanding and your thoughts.

Until next time, I wish you well, gentle reader.




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