Anime influence

For those who know my work it is no surprise that anime has been a major influence.

Whether it be crazy power ups,character design,storyline or dynamic poses anime is a very influential source material.

I’ll start by giving a few of my favorites and how I see them reflected in my work.

Like many other inspiring artist comic book designers manga artist future anime animators Dragon Ball Z is the OG gatekeeper.

From getting knocked down and getting back up again to absurd and lengthy levels of screaming Dragon Ball Z was my first love when it came to anime.

It was something about seeing Goku become stronger and stronger even in death his will to continue is unmatched. I will often times in middle school skip class just to go into the library to draw the pages of the Dragon Ball Z manga even going as far as to not return some of those same books at the end of the year. I was obsessed with the line work and the anatomy of each character The ways you as the artist can show many different forms of power and movement with just a simple line.

Most recently my favorite character has been lord Beerus the god of destruction due to his Egyptian qualities And docile yet short tempered attitude.

The second anime on this list that I draw inspiration from is the seven deadly sins.

They are a group of magical soldiers consisting of a giant, a fairy king, an immortal, an angel, the son of the king of demons, a puppet, a witch, and what may just be my favorite character the lion sin of pride Escanor. This character draws his power from the sun itself in the night time he is a feeble skinny man but as the day creeps closer to high noon He becomes A bulking beast that wields a flaming axe. I think I enjoy this character most because I am a Leo and find that I get most of my power from the sun itself. Another element that I enjoy from this anime is how they’ve broken down the seven deadly sins into powers use for triumph instead of evil While also still going through their own dilemmas.

My third and honestly may rival even Dragon Ball Z personally is Afro samurai.

Afro samurai’s voice by Samuel L Jackson given the character a feel that is all too familiar. In a world filled by greed and power Afro samurai triumphs by staying devoted to his mission by getting the number one head band basically proving himself as the ultimate martial artist and swordsman in the land.  As the name suggests he is a black samurai with an Afro adding another level of connection to this great creation.

while watching I always find myself pausing and screenshot in the poses that I find cool and replicating them in my own characters and comic books.

There are many other animes that I enjoy but these are my top three but I do not doubt that More will be added to this list.

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