Mindful Art

I’ve always used art to transform energy. In the beginning I used it to transform my own inner vibration and to process difficult experiences and emotions. It was very similar to art therapy and helped me to release my pain. Destroying it became a process of release and taking back my power. Many have been shocked by this acknowledgement, but it served a purpose at the time.




I have since found mindfulness meditation and joined a sangha about 12 years ago. For the last decade I have diligently meditated twice a day and attended several silent meditation weekend retreats. These experiences have taught me to pay attention to my thoughts and instead of being overwhelmed with my emotions I am able to see them as guideposts.


“Earth and Sky”


These concepts I have integrated into my work and my creative practice. I listen closely to what the clay wants to be and what messages it would like to reveal. Often times, the messages are revealed to me after I finish a piece.

The nature of working in ceramics in itself is a practice of patience to a level I have never experienced before in any other medium. You have to let go of your expectations and let the clay be what it wants.

Nature has played a huge role in what I like to call, ‘finding my center.’ If I’m feeling overwhelmed, distracted, scared, hurt, etc. I will make time to immerse myself in nature. It always helps me find my way back to myself. These experience I take with me into my studio.


‘Lifting The Veil of Duality’


I’ve had many people tell me that my work reminds them of Van Gogh or Indigenous Art. I’m very flattered by these sentiments. I believe the common thread that ties through all of them is the visual portrayal of the ethereal connection found in nature. We are all expressing our view of it.


‘Sunday Drive’


In many ways, modern society has lost our connection to Mother Earth. I often feel I’m working within a zeitgeist of the future. The energy I put into each piece when I create it reflects my hopes and dreams for the future – that all of us will wake up to know we are connected to everything. What effects one, effects us all.


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