Maya & the “Moulin Rouge”

I was still pregnant when I started the “Moulin Rouge” – and now that it is almost complete, I have this wonderful little girl called Maya! Extraordinary times… 🙂

With the nursing and all the daily activities a newborn requires, I guess I could take some “maternity leave” from any kind of job but painting is not any kind of job – and I love spending time in my atelier every time Maya allows me to!

It is quite an amazing time for new opportunities – with a commission for a customer in Brazil, an exhibit in January 2020 in the “Five Deuces Galleria” in St Pete, and a 2 months exclusive exhibit in M.C Art Gallery in St Pete for 2021… I am so excited about these opportunities, and for having so many friends and people that trust me and believe in my work! I can’t wait to see what’s next while I am part of this amazing Creative Pinellas Emerging Artist Grant!

More to come soon…

Patricia Kluwe Derderian


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