Emerging: From Behind the Studio Door

Week 2

With the holidays nipping at my heals, I’m finding my time in the studio is hit or miss. While there is not a lot of actual work being done I am, however, doing a lot of cogitating about the direction I’m considering over the next several months. One of the ideas I’ve been tossing about focuses on working with lumen and cyanotype prints, processes which I have already been testing over the last few months.

Both lumen and cyanotype prints, or photograms, require sunlight to develop an image on specially treated paper. The process seems especially appropriate as I am interested exploring the climate crisis as a theme. As most who live on the Florida coast are aware, our most significant environmental concern is sea level rise. Incremental though it is, it affects all aspects of our lives from saltwater intrusion into our freshwater aquifers to coastal degradation to floods and, ultimately, to population displacement. It is the latter focus that I am considering.

Typically, a flat object or a photo negative is used in the photogram development process. While I will likely incorporate those elements, I am also interested in using dimensional objects, as there are a lot of light and shadow nuances captured in the exposure process which create interesting effects. I have used miniature chairs in the photograms that I have experimented with, as you can see in the inset image.

Chairs have played an important part in my work over the last few years and will continue to do so. Check in next week when I will talk about why they are particularly relevant to my focus going forward.

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