Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time

Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time

Chapter 1: Wearing a lot of hats.

Blogging is a stranger to me. As a visual artist I tend to express myself in a pictorial way, and I like looking at the pictures more than reading the text. But here I am, beginning a journey within my life’s journey, as a Creative Pinellas emerging artist grant recipient and blogger.

I have always felt that creativity is not only expressed in a particular art discipline, but is also reflected in what may be considered trivial and ordinary daily events. In this blog I will attempt to present not only my progress and viewpoint as a visual artist, but also interject my creative interpretation of a variety of everyday life tasks.

The title of this chapter “wearing a lot of hats” basically describes my life as an artist in Pinellas County Florida over the past thirty years. Many of you may know me as, in no particular order, a former gallery owner (Snooty Judy’s), Gulf Coast Artists Alliance director, St. Pete ArtWorks co-operative gallery founder and manager, art administrator at various non-profits, professional graphic designer, crossing guard (yup, did that for a while), teacher, student, mother, and finally, visual mixed-media artist and wire sculptor.

Many of us need to work various jobs to support ourselves while continuing to make art, which is what I have had to do. Some are also driven to help support other artists in a volunteer capacity, which I have also done and continue to do. Sometimes my own art takes a back seat. At this point in my life and career, and with the support of Creative Pinellas, I am finally able to move the creation of my artwork to the forefront.

Check back for Chapter 2 of “Creative Ventures…One Day at a Time.”!

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A cropped image of me wearing my wire Medusa hat

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