Making Progress Every Day

There They Go.

Today I crated and shipped 25 paintings to South Korea to be shown at the Busan Art Fair May 12-15. This is very exciting for me. It was only 2019 that I returned to painting after two decades of making sculptures and installations all over the world. In 2019 I renovated the garage behind our house into a lovely studio and got busy making paintings. It has been such an amazing experience and the work continues to evolve. It is also very fortunate that the works have sold well from the very beginning.

Realistically, my work as always been about painting in many ways so I’ve kinda been preparing for this for a very long time.

Fingers crossed that crate gets to Gangnam-Gu safely and the duties and customs are no problem!


Here are a couple of the paintings I sent.


The Good Fight 2022 30″x30″ oil, wall paper, pigment stick, spray paint, small wood panel.

The Good Fight is a painting about narcissistic unawareness of being. This painting references hypocrisy by listing medicinal supplements for hair growth, and erectile disfunction as well as the holy Eucharist. These references are meant to suggest that large groups of people are totally caught up in vanity and obsessive thought. Using religion as a means of moral superiority over others but completely unaware of their connection to the whole. The word champion written on fancy wall paper is intended as a jab at the overly entitled.



Speed Of Light 2022, 48”x60” oil, pigment stick, spray paint, china marker on canvas.


is a reference to the concept of infinity. At the speed of light, time ceases to pass. In other words, light is infinite.

This suggests that the portal through which we come and go into and from this world is a portal into and from infinity. We are infinite consciousness that manifests as physical form temporarily to experience being. Two registration marks appear at the top of many of my paintings. These marks suggest a means of reproduction or replication and reference the continuum of life recurring. RNA/DNA


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