Logos & Commissions

Logos and commissions

Often times when a client comes to me for commission they ask for rates and sizes. This may vary whether it be a digital commission or a canvas piece.

For digital pieces clients are gonna be looking for logos and or cover arts for albums.

I work off of the software called Procreate on my iPad with my $30 stylus because I refuse to pay $100 for an apple pen lol.

With digital logos I’ll ask the client what exactly they’re looking for. They will give me a roundabout explanation and from there I’ll draw the sketch that resembles what they described to me. From there I’ll take it to the finalization stages line work coloring etc.

Sometimes the client has helped me out tremendously by providing a sketch of their best ability so that I can visually see where to place everything that they want.

Communication with clients normally runs smoothly but sometimes can be very stressful. Co creating with Another human is like practicing telepathy.

But for the most part having a very neutral response unless I’m excited has been a way I secure the success and the peace between artist and client.

My signature Style normally consist of African-American characters tattoos Gold teeth and power in some form or another.

Time management I give myself roughly a week and a half to complete each project. most of the time I’m able to complete it a lot faster but when I have multiple commissions on top of one another I get backed up.

Moving onto canvas commissions I have sizes that range from 18 x 24 iced out sketches all the way to 60 x 60 canvas acrylic paintings. Working on canvas is my preferred method of creation because I get a chance to dive into the paint the water and the moment.

Beginning stages of this process is pretty similar to my logo commissions. The client will tell me what they’re looking for color scheme and attributes and from there I will create a mock up and let it rip . Checking in frequently with the client to see how they’re Liking the piece so far but I definitely give myself the space to have free range within those times.

More recently the commissions that I’ve been getting have been in the area so I enjoy renting U-Haul‘s and driving massive pieces to their new homes. I enjoy seeing new destinations also sightseeing along the way and finding new spots to hide from all the noise. I normally use FedEx to ship my paintings when I do. I don’t let them package it though cost way too much were artists for a reason you have to get creative 95% of the times. When it’s all said and done I normally like to take a picture with a client from memorabilia and posting purposes and then I go find something nice to eat.

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