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GHETTO GODS Exhibition will be taking place ., August 11, 2023 at studio 620

Located at 620 1st Ave. S., St. Petersburg, FL 33701

Since I was younger, the topic of religion has always been interesting to me. Always finding myself in debates with my elders on things that just didn’t make sense. As grew,this disconnection with the church allowed me to see other cultures explanation for life and humanity.

Ghetto Gods is a Body of work that I put together to reflect back to myself and illustrate to the world what it is that I actually see as divinity and malevolent in our world.

Due to my agnostic view of the metaphysical my ability to critically think and creatively solve problems has been all but chain down.

Touching on aspects of Buddhism Rastafarianism Christianity Ifá Hebrew Israelites and pure imagination. I have gathered 28 pieces illustrating The forces I encounter on a day-to-day basis and how I see them within other people.

I got the title for the showcase from the hip hop group called Earthgang.

In the album the group raps about coming out of a rough place while still having a belief in the most high while moving in accordance with its power.


For the location of my 7th solo exhibition I decided to go with studio 620 in St. Petersburg Florida Where their mission is saying yes to bringing creativity innovation and diversity to our community. The studio @620 is the brain child of artistic directors David Elise and Bob Devon Jones along with a host of hard working board members volunteers patrons in visionaries.

Way before I was introduced to the family at 620 I was just an artist strolling down the street with who I believe to be the love of my life at the time lol. stopping and taking a picture in front of the lights was all inspiring but I didn’t realize that the lights were guiding me to my next step in life down the road.

Over the years I attended a few showcases there and one day I was asked to do an artist talk with Bob Devon Jones. As you can imagine I was ecstatic that I was noticed by such a pillar of the community. I displayed a few pieces and had a great conversation with him and had the opportunity to make some great connections with the crowd.

The next time I was contacted by the studio was when I was being Bestowed the Ola Mae Jones emerging artist award. By this time I was fully immersed into the life of a full-time artist and again was amazed that community leaders wanted to let me know that they see me which was a blessing of the highest degree.

With these encounters I took as being more than just a coincidence it was a no-brainer that studio 620 should be the grounds for the ghetto gods showcase.

I will not be alone I will have a guest artist by the name of Paper Candi A.k.a. Priscilla K Reed A.k.a. my mama lol. She will be bringing crafting to a whole Nother level with her amazing style and unique touch to paper crafts.

And also a live performance by the musician and talented artist  Ahrod music Where he will be blessing center stage performing music from his new EP Sun Soldier Initiation.

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