Journeys That Lead Back to Yourself

Journeys That Lead Back to Yourself

It’s fitting that I begin at a departure.  I’m leaving the subtropics to visit the subarctic for a few days. Wheels up in an hour or so, but through the magic of technology (more on that in a later post), and weather willing (see: technology’s limits), these words will appear as I stand on a shore where glaciers are born.

I relish contrast, but more than that, for me, travel is necessary.

You show up in your work. It’s certainly true in writing. Whether you know it or not you’re there in bits and pieces. So I believe to be at your best, you have to know what moves you and move with it.

This is fairly common knowledge. The challenge is often how.

As my grand daddy used to say, ‘however’.

Be dangerously clever, fully committed, perfectly pragmatic, ever-evolving or rooted to your earth. It’s easier said than done but just about everything is.

This, I know: it’s hard to be compelling when nothing compels you.

This particular journey has been a long time coming. Maybe your next adventure has as well–whether out on the road, in front of a blank screen/canvas/budget ledger, or wherever you find yourself. There you are.

Bon voyage.


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