Becoming a Rapper (Pt.1)

What’s up Blogiverse? My name is Jon “Ditty” Didier. I’m a Rapper, Songwriter, Artist, slowly becoming full-blown Musician, Nerd, Workaholic, obsessive-compulsive Human Being, or a hodgepodge of bones and tissues; however and whatever you want to know me as is fine.

I’ve always been “into” art since I can remember—drawing, painting, or what have you. In high school, probably during that phase in which we all get really angsty, listen to a bunch of depressing sh*t, and muster up the noble desire to start a band… I began my transition of wanting to contribute to the world of music, rather than solely visual art.

Over the course of the four years (what seemed like decades) I would marvel at the creations and demonstrations of local bands I had befriended. I was flabbergasted and intrigued by sound equipment and how it all worked together. Everything from guitar amps, to 1/4” jacks, to XLR cables, to mixing boards… it was all foreign to me. I knew making visual art so damn well. Music composition, recording, and performance were uncharted territory. Somewhere deep down, whether I had admitted it to myself or not, I was determined to figure out how to make music and have a voice within that discipline. The only problem, was that, I couldn’t play an instrument (proficiently).

And so started my journey to become a rapper, lol. There was a lot of rap music I wasn’t fond of at the time, but I had been introduced to a number of groups and emcees that fascinated me. Outkast, Wyclef Jean (and the Fugees), Jedi Mind Tricks, and Rage Against the Machine were some notables. I decided that I could totaaaaally do this. Rapping is easy (the omnipresent indiscretion of every youth in the world today). Secretly, I wrote my very first rhyme. One day, in January of my Senior year, a bunch of us were at the Dunedin Causeway. I told my best friend (and eventual first DJ/Producer), Derek “D-Rok” Saballos, to tap out a drum beat against the body of my 1991 Ford Crown Victoria tank, and recited the following garbage aloud…

*cough* Pardon my EVERYTHING *cough*

That’s what they say when our sound be blazing the stage,
And ya better get ready ‘cause we in a new age.
And era to scare all you sucka’ emcees,
‘Cause my hypocrisy it be runnin’ all over these rhymes!
I’m puttin’ that sh*t together
Like Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg… but better
I’m just an ordinary guy from the F-L-A
Still my rhymes and worldliness kick your @sses any day
I got that rap/rock/reggae musical funk
And y’all can hear it pumpin’ out the back of my trunk, ‘cause I
Rock steady, rock hard, but rocks dead
Until you get that pop sh*t outta’ yo’ head
Yo what I’m sayin’ at the present has now been said
F*ck with me and what was blood will now be bled
’Til your vision is covered by a blanket of red
You’ll meet five new friends—every one is a Med
But stop, we’re testing 3-4-5
This ain’t no p*ssy-@ss production, maaan, this sh*t be live
When we’re bringin’ the funk and bringin’ the beats
I wanna see all you m*therf*ckers get up outta yo’ seats
Get with the thrash-rock-reggae with the hip-hop relish
And to you and your melodic world we will embellish
That’s right, I put the meatball on top of your spaghetti
Man, f*ck this… get to the chorus already

Again, my sincerest apologies for putting you through that. I think I threw up a little bit in my mouth while I was re-typing these lyrics out. Anyway, those are the astronomically humble beginnings of ya boy Jon Ditty. Until next time,


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