It’s All In The Details

Awhile back I spent the day at the Museum of the American Arts & Crafts Movement. If you haven’t been, I highly recommend it. Everything from the building design to the many pieces of fine craft it holds, it is a feast for the eyes.


I’ve always admired the work of Frank Lloyd Wright. Growing up I lived close to a few of his masterpieces. I visited many times over the years The House on The Rock. So, I really enjoyed seeing some of his more detailed work, like the vase created for Unity Temple. Another place I have a close association with since I moved here from Kansas City which is the close to Unity Temple.

Of course I admired many clay works like this landscape by Lenore Asbury from 1915.



And this panel by Frederick Hurten Rhead from the Academy of Fine Arts wowed me with this amazing peacock tile mantel piece. The texture and the imagery definitely stood out. Plus, I have a fondness for peacocks.



The lighting from the many different crafters including Tiffany lamps had shapes, colors and patterns that truly inspired me. Each lamp had a mood and story of its own. I was drawn to the group of lighting fixtures by Dard Hunter from Roycroft Shops. Each one relating to the next, but each one uniquely it’s own. The colors and patterns reminded me of unique light fixtures that my grandparents had in their home.



I’ve always loved wood working and working in wood, so I really cherished the selection of handcrafted wood furniture. Especially well crafted furniture that puts the importance on the design of intersections and details like in this piece from Craftsman Workshops.



But by far my favorite was this table by Nakashima Ovoid. His Arlyn table was exceptional. The intersection of the trunk that forms the table top really connects me to the tree that it came from. Looking at the table provided feelings of sitting under this majestic tree. From the table to the chairs this piece was beautifully designed. I appreciated that it embraces the beauty and simplicity of the tree it once was.


After visiting the museum I was inspired to incorporate more wood into the pieces I am creating for the Emerging Artist show. Follow me to see what I create!


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