Grocery Shopping, Intimate Dinner and Night Walks!

Here’s the third part of Camera Roll, explained.

“February 19th, 12:18pm”

20”x20”, acrylic and oil on canvas

If you know me, you know I am obsessed with kombucha, so this is my weekly trip to the grocery store for a couple of things we were missing. Without even doing it on purpose, all the things I bought that day were either green or purple/red. I realized it only when I started to paint.

“February 21st, 7:32pm”

20”x20”, acrylic on canvas

Most days this is the only time my husband and I spend together. He makes dinner (because he loves to cook) while I either watch him or finish some work on the computer. I get more and more hungry as I smell the food. Usually the dog is whining the whole time as he would love to try some too. That night he made a new recipe, and I loved it. This painting proves the point that “it’s the little things in life”. We are so busy building our future life that we tend to forget that life is actually now, and even these little daily moments are meaningful and important.

“February 21st, 8:08pm”

20”x20”, acrylic and oil on canvas

Sometimes, after dinner my husband and I go for a little walk. Most days our little dog joins us too (and ends up being carried as he gets tired). I love our night walks at the end of the day, to decompress and talk about everything and anything. I’m always fascinated by the shadows we create. It is interested how they change shape and form as we walk closer to the light poles.

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