“After Roberts confirmed the authenticity of the draft, Vice President Kamala Harris said it is “clear” that ‘opponents of Roe want to punish women and take away their rights to make decisions about their own bodies.’ ”

Creating art during times like these feels diametrically oppositional all at once
It feels challenging to make art in the present to share in the future
when living ghosts who haven’t died are busy trying to pull us back into the past
It feels like playing witness to corruption
It feels like witnessing corruption trying to play us like we’re punks
It feels like pretending we can change things with our creation
It feels like our creations are the only things that we can control

It feels like so many people want to smother so many other people’s beings and voices
If feels like it’s impossible to smother our voices, there are too many of us beings
It feels like we’re leaving our children a world of ruin and a terrifying future
It feels like in the very near future our children are going to be forced to burn everything down into ruins
It feels like any made-up character ever written isn’t as frightening as the real people in our highest seats
It feels like our highest seats are filled with characters so ridiculous, they need to be deleted from the script of the universe

It feels like at any moment the earth will shake and the skies will turn red
And seas will explode
And it will be the end
So I guess if that’s the case
We might as well keep making things up
Maybe someone will write or sing or paint or sew or solder or craft or whittle or draw or hear or play or see or say something
That may save us

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