I’ve started my project and it’s starting in play form, although I have plans to lay it down in graphic novel-ish form as well.

I think a lot about how technology is changing humans, and how that’s not going backwards unless the zombie apocalypse really comes – in which case my CDs and DVDs will be useless but I’ll finally get to read all the books I’ve been stashing, unread, in corners of my home for years.

We are of course becoming borgs, all of us who use technology. I have acknowledged my wire-to-the-matrix-cellphone addiction, and clearly my computer is like a third limb. I even make digital art to de-stress. (Although i have a collection of afroQuantum peg dolls I’ve made too — I’m going to share them later; that’s for when my mind needs to do tactile creativity with my hands. I’m not in that phase now for a bit, but hopefully, it will come back because I love designing my little aQ dolls.)

In so many ways the experiment of the interwebs is a joyous one… for an info addict like myself, and others. The good that comes through seeing a large world, the new connections, the wide-lens viewpoint of the human condition… all positive, I believe.

But the negative? Let’s not, and say we did, right now…

My new piece looks at technologies through the story of a brother and sister, estranged but joined by their love of science and art…and, I hope, music and graphic illustration in the final versions.

People who know me are aware of my curiosity re all things ‘esoteric’ ‘paranormal’ ‘afroQuantum’ and ‘unknown’…

I think these two are calling out from the dark somewhere with a good story to share, and it’s my job to give them their space and stage and conjure the elements so they can be heard, read, what have you.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

Of course, still lots of research on melanin, and sound, I think, also, energy and stuff, to be done.

The journey has begun! This is the place where I’ll –by contractual agreement, frankly – keep you posted.

Stay tuned…

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