For the love of Chelsea

Chelsea Handler

For the Love of Chelsea

Contributor Stephanie Powers spells out why she’s excited Handler’s “sit-down comedy” tour, Life will be the Death of Me, is pulling in for a rest stop at Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall.


In support of her upcoming memoir Life will be the Death of Me, comedian Chelsea Handler is embarking on a 17-city tour hitting Clearwater’s Ruth Eckerd Hall on Thursday, May 16.

A copy of said book comes with each ticket purchased, which go on sale today, Friday, Feb 8.

As a women who has dabbled in comedy, you may want to know the reasons why I want to see her. You might have your own reasons. Or you may not want to see her at all. I doubt she cares, either way. I however am a little more sensitive than Ms. Handler, and do care about your opinion.

She reminds me comedy isn’t always a boys club.

When I studied improv for a brief time at Second City Hollywood, I was told by a female teacher — who had studied at Second City Chicago in the heyday — that many male comedy greats were misogynists and thought women had no place in comedy. Saturday Night Live alumni Jane Curtin confirmed this recently in an interview revealing of the sexism she dealt with during her time on the iconic show. Handler has been calling out sexist motivations and people for years with humor and force. She has been a leading comic amongst both genders

Creative Pinellas contributor Steph Powers at 2016 Cafe Hey open mic.

She helped me breastfeed

Well, at least her Netflix documentary Chelsea Does entertained me while I breastfed (in 2016). My son was born Jan. 12. Chelsea Does premiered on Netflix Jan. 23. I don’t know what I watched during breast feedings the 11 days in between, it’s a blur. When the show premiered it was all I watched. Over and over. I breastfed and watched Chelsea Does. Pretty down, exhausted and frightened, I felt moved and refreshed by the hilarious series, and it was just what I needed. I felt connected to something other that the baby on my boob. If you haven’t seen it, it was before her more successful talk show. Each episode focused on a specific subject: marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, along with celeb interviews and immersion experiences. The Chelsea Does: Drugs episode is a really doozy, I went from hysterically laughing at the scene round table of uber-high guests during an all marijuana dinner, to hysterically crying during the coverage of her Ayahuasca trip in Peru. I was hormonal, yes, but I think I would have the same reaction today.

She dated 50 Cent.

I just want to really know what that was like. I may have had a major crush on him in the early 2000s.

It is called the “Sit-Down Comedy Tour”

Well, specifically Life Will Be the Death of Me: Chelsea Handler’s Sit-Down Comedy Tour. As a middle-aged mother, I take any chance or excuse I get to rest. If I am encouraged to take a seat while seeing an empowering and hilarious female comedian, it’s a win-win all around. The “Sit-Down” part may mean be a play on words, but I’m getting a sitter and taking it literally.

I want to support the causes she supports

Handler’s most recent role is that of activist, supporting Planned Parenthood, and Emily’s List, among many others. She announced in 2017 on Twitter that she would not be renewing her talk show to focus on this role. She has hilariously trolled POTUS and recently asked for the resignation of Virginia Governor Ralph Northam over his black-faced past. “In honor of Rosa Parks’ birthday, Ralph Northam should resign as governor of Virginia. There is one part that tolerates and espouses racism, and there are The Democrats,” she tweeted. You may not agree with everything she has to say, but she makes you want to listen to her side.

Show is at 8 p.m. Thurs., May 16, at Ruth Eckerd Hall, 1111 McMullen Booth Road, Clearwater. Tickets are $92.50 or $72.50, or VIP for $117.50, which include a premium seat and a meet and greet. More information at

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